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Jealousy is a normal emotion that everyone experiences.  If we are not careful, however, jealousy can grow up into resentment and bitterness. And those destructive emotions could lead to a vicious downward spiral.

Social media seems to amplify resentment. Spend two minutes scrolling through Facebook and it's easy to become convinced your friends are happier, healthier, and wealthier as they post their latest vacati...

Are latest technologies creating more gap between human relationships?

Upcoming technologies are capable of creating gaps between human relationships but only if you allow them to.

New media technologies are having a major impact on society as a whole. technology and phones and social media are designed, to capture human beings’ attention, we usually fall for these products and, more often than not, end up suffering their many side effects.

The Struggle you go through TODAY gives you strength, you need for TOMORROW

“The Struggle you go through TODAY gives you strength, you need for TOMORROW”

Rather than losing hope and giving up, chose to pick up, brush off, and continue moving with the hope toward achieving their dreams.

None of us are immune from falling into difficult times. That plight is something we all have in common. Another thing we all have in common is the ability to choose how we are going to react to the difficult times when the...

What are the best answers for "Why should I hire you?"

At Some Point in your career you will surely face this question from Interviewer “With so many talented candidates, why should we hire you?” Your any answer in the Job Interview could make or break your chances. You need an appropriate and brief pitch that matches your experience with an employer’s need.

A hiring manager is looking for the best fit for that position. Remember that employer hire workers to solv...

A Software Developer should learn Latest Technologies or stick to one and Expert in the same?

In this growing world, there is a rapid development and evolution of Software technologies so it is very important for all Software developers to keep you updated and aware of all the names and features. Who knows what your client wants from you?

But at the same time making yourself expert in your field is also needed to give improvement & s...

Entrepreneurial sales strategies for a startup

When an individual enters the world of business taking his idea, he or she would be very inconsiderate about the long-term consequences of the concept, as the intention initially to work from the perspective of internal motivation, such as knowledge and experience. However, the external factors affecting the long term health of the business look very unsupportive.

Few Elements you must know to Build a Great Customer Service

The Backbone of any business is the customer. Customers lay the foundation of any businesses. In this consumer-driven age, what sets apart great companies is the service they provide to their customers. Great companies invest in customers because they are the linchpin for their business.

The business decisions of the leading brands across the globe are driven to satisfy and me...